Maintaining the Servers

A server maintenance plan is typically created by the technical manager. He or she is responsible for the implementation and support of all the physical servers and related equipment. As with all equipment, there is a specific list of scheduled maintenance that must occur to maintain both the warranty and the performance of the equipment.

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      There are three primary aspects to any server maintenance plan: scheduled maintenance, application of patches, and overall system maintenance. Server is a term used to describe the physical hardware that holds the computer processor, memory, and hard drive. A server is built to provide maximum computing power with a minimal use of space. Many organizations install multiple servers together in a server rack. This type of structure increases the processing power available to support various applications, databases, and systems.


      Scheduled maintenance includes regular backup of data, refresh of key programs, and running diagnostic programs. This type of maintenance must be completed by technical staff who have been specifically trained in the operating system and applications stored on the server. The vast majority of the time, the server must be removed from the production environment to complete scheduled maintenance. Most organizations schedule this type of work to occur outside normal business hours to minimize the impact on daily operations.

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